Banners are pictures containing linkable images displayed in the
store’s store front. Banners can be utilized to catch the customer’s eye
and direct them to special products in the store. The Banners page
under Design>Banners lets you customize the images and
links displayed on the banners.


Using banners in modules


The Modules section
uses banners for two modules: Carousel and Banners. The Banners section
lets you customize what page layout the banner will be included, and
its position. The Carousel module acts like a slideshow, or carousel.
The customer can click an arrow to look through a range of product


If you want to create a new carousel banner displaying all the
manufacturer logos, you need to go to System>Design>Banners, and
click “Insert”. After coming up with a banner name for later reference,
you would to click “Add Banner” to add a new icon to the banner. The
following fields are needed to add a new icon to the banner:


  • Title: when the customer hovers their mouse over the icon, the title will be displayed.
  • Link: the address of the page that the customer
    will be directed to when clicking on the icon in the banner. In this
    case, you would want to link the image to a banner page. The link
    doesn’t need the “” portion of the link.
  • Image: add an image using the Image manager.


add route page


You may add as many banners to the banner as necessary. Under Modules,
you can edit the Carousel to display the “Manufacturers Banner”. The
image below is the screenshot of the home page after the Carousel was
assigned the Manufacturers banner. All the manufacturer logos that were
added to the Manufacturers banner in the administration can be scrolled
through in the store front.

It its a advised that you test the links by clicking on the images on
the banner. If the clicks do not direct the user to the manufacturer
location, double check to see if the page address was typed in correctly
in the administration.