What if: When you are record video or taking photo with your phone, your phone says: Not Enough Storage?

You didn't remember when the photo you have taking.
After you share the photos with whatsapp or facebook, you didn't remember where they kept.
You don't remember when the travel picture was taken.
You found that you have many photos but you don't know where they kept.
All people who like to take photos with mobile phone have the same problem.

The problem will appear when you change your new mobile phone, old photos new photos...all in a mess.
Or you loss your mobile phone and all the photos loss.

Accident...an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly.

Some people may upload their photos to Dropbox, but Dropbox is limited storage and it is a public service!

Now our company provide cloud hosting, only HK$58.5/month and accompany with a free domain name.
Cloud service including:

  • Unlimited Disk quota,
  • Unlimited Traffic,
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts,
  • 100 Email Accounts,
  • 5 Databases,
  • Unlimited Sub Domains,
  • Unlimited Parked Domains,
  • 1 Hosted Domains,
  • 1 Free Domain Registraton

After you have join our services, you may go to playstore to download a free app "AndFtp".
And you can backup/upload your mobile photos, video or files to your cloud hosting at any time.
You can file your photos and sort by date, category...etc.

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