Core Modules Overview

There are totally 27 free modules provided with the latest version of OpenCart, and 13 core module:


  • Account : The User Account links (My Account, Edit Account, Order History, etc) box for the customer to access.
  • Affiliate : Links for the store’s affiliate program is made available in a box for affiliates to access.
  • Banner : Adds an image banner with icons linking to different products or manufacturers in the store.
  • Bestsellers : Adds a window displaying the best sellers wherever position/page it is specified.
  • Carousel : Displays banner that can be navigated through as a slideshow.
  • Category : Displays a module containing all the categories and subcategories of the store.
  • Featured : Displays a feature box containing selected products.
  • HTML Content : Allow you add some code to your store. For example: youtube.
  • Information : Adds the information tab containing the Information pages (About Us, Delivery Info, Privacy Policy, Terms&Conditions)
  • Latest : Adds the latest, or most recently added, products in the form of product icons to a product box on a page.
  • Slideshow : Handle the front store big slidshow.
  • Specials : Displays all the products with Specials in a product box. Specials can be added to products in the special tabs.
  • Store : Creates a box for the customer to select another store to visit if there are multiple stores managed with OpenCart.

All of these modules can be manipulated with the Layout, Position, Status, and Sort Order tools in Modules.