If you want to sent and Received your business emails by gmail box, please follow this steps.

This example will show you how to set email@testing.com. After set up the email, we can use gmail to sent and received email@testing.com mails.

when you setting your email, please change email@testing.com to your business email.

Step 1:

Please login your control panel and go to Email section and choose Mailboxes.

Step 2:

Choose the mailbox which you want to forward to gmail an the click to the “+”

Step 3:

Fill in your gmail account which you want to received email@testing.com mails.

if you want to keep a copy in the control panel. click on save a copy. Please click “add”.

Step 4:

Now, Login to your gmail account. At your right hand side, there is a gear icon, click on it and choose Settings.

Step 5.

In Settings section, choose Accounts and Import >> Send mail as: >> choose add another email address.

Step 6.

Name << This part will show at others mailbox when they receive your email.

then fill in email address , click Treat as an alias and click next step.

Step 7.

SMTP SERVER: mail.adregion.net

Username: please fill in you email

Password: your email password.

Port: 25

click “TLS”, click add account.

Step 8,

After you click on add account, it will pop up a window says it has sent you a verify email.

Then will go back to gmail account and wait. You will receive a verify email from gmail because you have already followed all email to you gmail account.

When you received the verify email, do what they say. it should be a link and click to it. done.


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