Open a Facebook shop is easy and free of charge. But it is only suitable for small shop!
1. No filter – If you have many products, your customer should always roll up and down to find your products.
2. You must update your products once a week, otherwise Facebook user is hard to find your products at Facebook search.
3. It is hard to get payment at Facebook page unless you are US resident. Customer hard to pay you.

Open an Web shop. It is easy and cheap!
1. Have filter – All your product can easily search by customers
2. Make use of Facebook – You can update new products at Facebook page and made use of Facebook’s promote function. Direct your new customer from Facebook to your online shop.
3. There are many kinds of different payment gateway.(paypal,stripe,creditcard..etc) Easy for your customer to pay you.

Only HK$235 to open a shop. No hidden fee. No extra cost.

Join “$235 Start Your Online Shop”, get free “facebook login” setup.

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